A word from the Deputy Director General for Education

” The European Photonics Career Fair is a privileged mement of sharing for both students and for recruiters. For students, this is the opportunity to build a network with future employers, with whom they can discuss career options or look for internships. For exhibitors, it is a great way to get in touch with future Institut d’Optique engineers, sought for the quality of their training, their capacity for innovation and expertise in photonics.

Smartphones, broadband communications, 3D displays, LED lighting … photonics – the science and technology of light – is deeply changing society and is one of the fastest growing industries today. In addition, Europe considers photonics as one of the six Key Enabling Technologies (KET). Compared to the other KETs, photonics represents the most established global market and has the most dynamic growth. This general awareness of the photonics’ importance has conducted the UNESCO to declare 2015 the “International Year of Light”. In accordance with its tasks defined nearly a hundred years ago (1917), the School accompanies the intense development of photonics by continuous growth since 2004. With nearly 400 engineering students today, the school will graduate more than 150 engineers by the end of 2017.

Students and exhibitors, the European Photonics Career Fair is your privileged moment of exchange in this very dynamic environment: enjoy!

Thanks to the Forum de la Photonique team for its work in organising this very important event for the school.”


Deputy Director General for Education of the Institut d’Optique Graduate School

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