Your booth

6m² For 4 people, includes a round table and three chairs.

Services included in the booth rental

Job interviews : 1. Receive one month before the event the resumes of the students attracted by your company

                                  2. Select students with the most interesting profiles

                                  3. Set the length of interviews and enjoy a job date with each of them.

Catering: Lunch is included for the number of people allowed per booth. If you want to bring extra people, you need to purchase the same number of extra meals.

Wifi: An internet connection is provided throughout the day. Your login and password will be given at the beginning of the day.

Visitor brochure: One page of presentation is included, as is one page of ad. This brochure allows the visitors to acknowledge the companies participating in the Forum. 


Booths size : 6m², 9m² or 12m².

Booth zone : prestige zone, main zone or second floor.

Extra meals : When the number of exhibitors of your company exceeds the number of people planned per stand.

Extra furniture : table, chair


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