The Institut d’Optique Graduate School

The Institut d’Optique Graduate School

A “Grande Ecole” and Graduate School in Engineering, a bridge between companies and research

Established in 1920, the Institut d’Optique Graduate School is a « Great School of Engineering » whose international reputation is based on the quality of the training given to it, the major scientific contributions of its research center and its close links with industry.

The Institute is located on three sites, one campus in Palaiseau, one in Saint-Etienne and the last in Bordeaux. The latter opened recently, in autumn 2012.

The graduates of the Institut d’Optique Graduate School become engineers, researchers or managers in many areas: atomic and quantum physics, imaging, information processing and image processing.

The technologies they develop have a strong impact on telecommunications, aerospace, aviation and health.

At the heart of networks of excellence, our training is backed by an internationally recognized research.

The scientific expertise is based on the quality of three research laboratories:
-­ Laboratoire Charles Fabry (LCF) in Palaiseau,
-­ Hubert Curien laboratory in Saint-Etienne,
-­ Laboratoire de Photonique, Numérique et Nanostructures (LP2N) in Bordeaux.

The Institut d’Optique Graduate School is a world leader in research in optics and photonics.
This strong position is evidenced by the many awards that reward researchers and professional success of our graduates.

Networks and partnerships

The Institut d’Optique Graduate School is a founding member of ParisTech and Université Paris-Saclay. It is established on the campus of excellence of Paris Saclay and Bordeaux, as well as the one of Saint-Etienne.
Historically, the development is closely linked with the University Paris Sud, Ecole Polytechnique, HEC Paris, and more recently with the PRES Université of Lyon and the Excellence Campus of Bordeaux .
Many double degree agreements are offered to our engineering students.

Recent honours and awards

Alain Aspect, 2005 Gold Medal of the CNRS, Wolf Price 2010, ERC 2011, Herbert Walther Award 2012
Frédéric Druon, winner of the 2011 Jean Jerphagnon
Philippe Bouyer, winner of the 2009 Jean Jerphagnon
Antoine Browaeys, winner of the 2009 ERC Junior
Philippe Grangier, Ricard price SFP 2008, winner of the 2009 ERC Senior
Jean-Jacques Greffet, appointed professor at the Institut Universitaire de France in 2009, elected a Fellow member of OSA in 2015
Sylvie Lebrun price « Fiber Innovation » 2011, Category Search
Laurent Sanchez-Palencia, winner of the 2010 ERC Junior
Christoph Westbrook, winner of Servant 2009

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